Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/24 Update

Today was another encouraging day. Alison had quite a few visitors and took every opportunity to show off for them while they were there. The first thing she did was laugh at a joke and follow it up with a pretty solid smile. I've seen and heard her coughing recently, and this was different. And with the context of the conversation and the immediate smile to follow, I'm sure it was a laugh. She'd not shown her teeth until today and the edges of her lips were even trying to turn up for a smile. I'd seen her frown while coughing. And I know how much harder it is to frown than smile, so I felt a smile wasn't too far away. And we've begun seeing some movement in her throat that could indicate swallowing too, so that's good. When some other friends were visiting later she was moving one of her legs a bit. That was something we hadn't seen either, so I really think she was showing off. : ) We're still in ICU but the request to transfer back to the pulmonary floor is in. We're just waiting for a room to open up. And as long as her temp stays below 101, there's little concern of an infection creeping back up. I get so excited when I see her do something new. And today had a couple of exciting moments. Please keep praying and sending positive thoughts for continued health and improvement every day.

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