Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20 Update

Alison had a pretty rough morning. Her heart rate had been a little high for a while. And around 10am her breathing became very labored and her heart rate skyrocketed. It was a very scary situation. It resulted in a transfer back to medical ICU and a series of tests to determine the cause. It turns out she has another infection. The pneumonia is subsiding but she may have a bladder or kidney infection now. We're still awaiting lab results. There is blood in her urine and she had a fever. But the antibiotics for the pneumonia should be helping whatever the infection is. They also did an EEG to monitor brain activity. It wasn't dead and it wasn't showing seizure activity, so that's good. There were some irregular spikes of activity, but they weren't certain what that meant in terms of recovery potential. Speaking frankly with us, the neurologist wasn't excited about her condition, but wasn't hopeless either. Like I've said before, we're praying for a miracle and faith that God is in control - no matter the outcome. But it's still very much a day by day situation. She's currently breathing better and resting comfortably. I'd guess that we'll be back out of ICU in a day or two as the infection begins to clear. We've all decided to let her and us get a good night of sleep. She's in good hands in the ICU and she needs some solid rest - as do we. Let's hope and pray for the infection to clear so Alison can focus on recovering.

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