Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/18 Update

Today was a pretty big day for Alison. It started by the overnight nurse updating me that Alison had moved her foot a little when adjusting her legs, and during her oral care she moved her head around and opened her mouth some. Then when I sat down with her she was pretty bright-eyed and she gave me two subtle blinks upon my request. Then they moved her out of ICU and into a larger, quieter room. In the afternoon she bent her arm about 90 degrees during a conversation with about five people about the moving she'd already done. Almost to say, "Oh yeah, watch this." And later she was moving one of her legs a bit and may have attempted to smile again for her dad and I. All of these things are great signs of life so we were encouraged. Tomorrow she will start with physical therapy every day and that should help even more. Her pneumonia seems to be clearing up and she's been breathing on her own (CPAP) since yesterday. So they might disconnect the air tubes and use a trach vent only. So today was a good day. Hopefully more progress tomorrow. Thanks so much for all of your continued prayers. We're certainly not in the clear yet.

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