Friday, March 16, 2012

3/16 Update #2

Alison had a good day today. Around noon she underwent a successful feeding tube insertion in her stomach and a tracheostomy. Almost immediately afterwards she looked a lot more comfortable and was showing small signs of improvement. After the evening shift change, she was awakening from her anesthesia and was pretty alert for her dad. He asked if she could smile for her and she pouted her lips out in an incredible show of strength. I came in shortly afterwards and she did it again. We were awestruck and could hardly contain our excitement. But that was a lot of work - especially after such a big day. She soon got sleepy again and a bit agitated (due in part to our excitement I'm sure). They gave her some meds to help bring her heart rate and BP down a bit so she can rest up overnight. But we're encouraged by the signs of life we've seen today and ask that you'd pray that God would continue to work miracles in her.

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