Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15 Update

So Alison slept well through the night. The doctors confirmed they will want to patch the ASD (hole) in her heart, but there's no rush for that to happen. Tomorrow they'll perform a tracheostomy and insert a more permanent feeding tube into her stomach. She currently has air and food tubes going down her throat through her mouth - which is very irritating as you can imagine. These procedures will make her MUCH more comfortable going forward. And I'm encouraged they want to do it as it tells me the doctors are looking ahead to the long term rather than simply seeing how she does in the next couple of days. But those procedures will require sedation and surgery around noon on Friday. Pray that all goes well and that Alison awakens to a more comfortable state to continue recovering. She is still opening her eyes and slightly squeezing hands from time to time so that's good. Her vitals are still stable as well. Like I've said before, she's still in a very critical state and we're encouraging her constantly to be strong, to fight hard and be comforted by the thousands of prayers and positive thoughts on her behalf. Don't stop.

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